Exploring the Renaissance
Exploring the Renaissance

Exploring the Renaissance

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Exploring the Renaissance 46 Dances, Songs, and Instrumentals for Classical Guitar By Dave Belcher and Nicoletta Todesco


This book offers an exploration of Renaissance music specifically for the classical guitarist. The music that follows all comes from sixteenth- and seventeenth-century sources that have been translated into modern notation that will be familiar to the modern classical guitarist. Our goal is to provide a rich and fun collection of music that broadly represents music for the Renaissance lute and vihuela.

The pieces are arranged to create a learning pathway, one that introduces you to music of the renaissance in a progressive manner. Pieces range from beginner to advanced and include notation with fingering. There is no TAB included in this edition.

Before every piece you will find a one-page description that sets the stage for the music and walks you through some key things to look out for when learning the piece. Each section of music (Dances, Songs, Instrumentals) is progressive and so the pieces get more difficult as you go through the music.

While this book gives you everything you need to play this wonderful music, you can go much more in depth with each piece at CGC Academy. At the Academy we have provided lessons on the music, with performance videos, full video lessons, PDFs of the scores, along with question-and-answer sections for each lesson.

We hope you enjoy exploring Renaissance music for the classical guitar as much as we did creating this book!

Nicoletta Todesco & Dave Belcher

List of Pieces:

Lo Spagnoletto  by Cesare Negri 

The Passe Meze Pavin by Anonymous

Canson Englesa  by Emanuel Adriaenssen  

Branle Gay by Jean Baptiste Besarde .

Cascarda Castellana by Fabrizio Caroso 

Die folget ein welscher tanz Wascha Mesa by Hans Neusidler 

Ein Niderlendisch tenzlein by Hans Neusidler 

Il Bianco Fiore by Cesare Negri      

Tourdion by Pierre Blondeau

Willsons Wilde by Anonymous

Italiana by Anonymous 

Italiana by Anonymous

Villanella by Anonymous 

Pescator che va cantando by Pietro Paolo Borrono da Milano

Saltarello Burato by Pietro Paolo Borrono da Milano 

Pavana 1 by  Luis de Milan 

Calata alla Spagnola by Joan Ambrosio Dalza 

La Traditora by Marco dall’Aquila

Almande by Robert Dowland 

Gagliarda Urania by Vincenzo Galilei 

Gagliarda Astrea by Vincenzo Galilei 

Gallarda by Alonso de Mudarra 

A Gigue by Thomas Robinson

Christ ist erstanden by Hans Judenkünig 

What if a Day, or a Month, or a Year? by Anonymous

Calleno by Anonymous 

Orlando Sleepeth (P61) by John Dowland

Robin Hood Is to the Greenwood Gone by Anonymous 

Campanae Parisienses by Jean Baptiste Besarde

Ah Robyn, Gentyl Robyn by William Cornysh, Jr. 

Fortune, My Foe (P62) by John Dowland 

De Mon Triste by Francesco da Milano 

Canción del Emperador by Luis de Narváez

Rest, Sweet Nymphs by Francis Pilkington 

Mr. Dowland’s Midnight (P99) by John Dowland 

Recercare F49 by Francesco Spinacino 

Recercare 33 by Marco dall’Aquila

Recercare III by Giovanni Maria da Crema 

Recercare VI by Giovanni Maria da Crema  

Fantasia 8 by Luis de Milan

Fantasia (Ness 31) by Francesco da Milano 

Ricercha (Ness 33) by Francesco da Milano 

La Compagna (Ness 34) by Francesco da Milano 

Fantasia que Contrahaze la Harpa en la Manera de Ludovico by Alonso de Mudarra 

A Fancy (P6) by John Dowland 

Fantasie (P1a) by John Dowland 

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